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Need drivers on demand or full turnkey teams? We supply both for mega events and public transport. Our drivers are proficient with a broad array of vehicles, including buses, coaches, and advanced electric and hydrogen engines, ensuring flexibility and expertise for any scale operation.

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Our Services

From on Demand to Full Turnkey

Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate into both high-impact mega events such as the Olympics and World Expos, as well as long-term government transport initiatives. Our Teams meet critical needs for reliability, flexibility, and specialized skills in driver operations, ensuring that every project, from city-wide events, to routine services—is supported with precision and expertise.

All our services come with dedicated support in visa processing and logistics. We work closely with you to ensure that all necessary arrangements are organized efficiently, streamlining operations and alleviating administrative tasks to focus on your core objectives.



Designed to meet your specific requirements for skilled drivers in any location. Ideal for both temporary events and continuous government transport operational needs. This service addresses the challenge of finding qualified drivers that will slot into your operations and meet exacting standards. Optionally enhance your driver’s abilities with specialized in-situ training and train-the-trainer programs.


Turnkey & Scalable Teams

When it comes to complex and large-scale operations, assembling the right team is crucial. Our turnkey service offers complete solutions by organizing groups of drivers into core teams of 25, each supported by a Driver Teams Coordinator, Worker Welfare Supervisor, Trainer & Scheduler, and a Senior Driver Captain. This modular approach is designed for scalability without compromise, ideal for both large events and long-term government contracts.

Driver Credentials

Exemplary Skills and Qualifications

With unparalleled competence and safety, our driver qualifications speak to our rigorous driver standards and commitment to excellence in every ride.

Thoroughly Screened:
Stringent selection processes ensure the highest quality.
Experience & Performance Verified:
Documented expertise in major event operations and other relevant experiences with performance evaluations to maintain our standards.
Industry Qualifications:
Our drivers bring a range of qualifications, with many holding recognized certifications such as Defensive Driving, ROSPA, CPC, and IRU-accredited training. Each driver's specific training includes a mix of safety, emergency response, and specialized driving programs, equipping them to handle diverse driving conditions and safety scenarios effectively.
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Driver Vehicle Expertise

All Engines, All Vehicles

Our team excels in operating a diverse range of vehicles, mastering global brands, and understanding varied engine technologies.

Versatile Vehicle Mastery:
Experience a wide spectrum of vehicle capabilities—our team handles everything from cars, vans/MPVs, and mini buses to midi-buses, coaches, school buses, single-decker buses, trolleybuses, double-decker buses, articulated buses, and trucks.
Brand Expertise:
Expertise across globally recognized manufacturers—our drivers are proficient with leading brands such as Daimler, Volvo Buses, BYD, New Flyer Industries, Marcopolo, Alexander Dennis, Yutong, MAN Truck & Bus, Scania, Irisbus, Hyundai, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Tata Motors, Van Hool, and many more.
Engine Diversity:
Driving innovation with every turn—our professionals are trained in managing a broad array of engine technologies, from traditional bio-diesel, diesel, gasoline (petrol), and hybrid engines to advanced electric, hydrogen fuel cell, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), ethanol, and propane (LPG) systems.
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Looking for top quality drivers?

Contact our Corporate Team to discover how our expertly trained drivers can contribute to the success of your event or enhance your public transport services. We are ready to support your success with tailored, efficient solutions.

About Us

Our Legacy and Expertise

Drivers 4 Events emerged from the dynamic Driver Management Leadership Team responsible for Passenger Transport at the FIFA World Cup 2022. Our leadership team brings individual experiences from previous roles at significant global events such as the Vancouver 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games, the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Summer Games, the 1st European Games 2015 in Baku, and COPA America 2016. This wealth of experience from various settings enriches our approach, enhancing our capability to manage complex driver requirements for mega events effectively.


Drivers Trained

Our experience is highlighted by the extensive training of over 7,500 drivers for the FIFA World Cup 2022, showcasing our capacity to handle large-scale driver training and deployment for major events.

500,000+ hrs

Classroom Hours

Dedicated classroom training ensuring our drivers are well-prepared with the knowledge and skills to perform at the highest driving safety and comfort standards.

1,300,000+ hrs

On-Road Training Hours (‘Behind the wheel’)

Extensive behind-the-wheel training to sharpen real-world driving skills, reflecting our deep commitment to safety, comfort and quality performance.

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